Renewing or Cancelling a Residence Visa

What to do before your residence visa expires, or how to cancel a visa in Dubai...

Residence visas are generally valid for two years. Application for a new visa should be started before the old one expires.

How to Renew a Residence Visa

There is a 30 day grace period once a residence visa expires, however, it is advisable to begin the renewal process in advance. The same documents need to be produced, and a new health check carried out. The fees are the same.

It should be noted that if leaving the UAE for six months or more, the Dubai residence visa becomes invalid. The entire process has to be completed again.

How to Cancel a Residence Visa

The employer should arrange cancellation of the employee's residence visa through the DNRD when the contract finishes.

Once the residence visa is cancelled the ex-employee and their family have up to 30 days to leave the UAE.

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